"Using today's knowledge to tell yesterday' story."

" I believe that creating memorable Thai dishes rely not only on sourcing the highest quality ingredients but by utilizing the most innovative techniques, pushing the boundaries of traditional cooking and reinventing food experiences.


Time is the most important ingredient in perfecting the art of cooking to enliven the dishes from exceptional to memorable. "  

Andy Yang

"food is love"

Chef Andy Yang, Founder and Executive Chef of Michelin star-rated Rhong-Tiam, Table 38 and PAD THAI fai ta lu, is a culinary icon who loves to share his passion and knows how to truly handle an authentic Thai kitchen with the complexity of this amazing food.  From his unique perspective, there are many interpretations and understandings to the cultural and culinary components of Thai cuisine. Capturing its true soul requires the gift of culinary artistry; a gift he possesses.


Chef Yang has integrated his natural talent, his scholastic experience, achieving a Master’s in Business Administration with the heart of his true education, his family upbringing. He compares the art of cooking to painting or composing a musical master piece, you must interlace each note, color or ingredients; all working masterfully together like any journey it begins from his careful selection of local ingredients, all coming together through careful preparation and presentation to stimulate our five senses.

Growing up, Chef Yang realized that the integrity of Thai cooking had been compromised over time by economic and cultural influences over the years. In his creations, Chef Yang transports our palettes to an uncompromising experience.  He delicately balances the spicy, sweet, salty and tart elements of Thai food always remaining loyal to his traditions. Thai food is based on precious ancestral traditions symbolizing patience, detail, integrity, dignity, self-respect and honesty.


To maintain this legacy, every Chef de Cuisine working with and for Chef Andy Yang undergoes extensive training in Yang's kitchen in Thailand for years before being qualified as a trusted Chef de Cuisine who can realize Andy Yang’s vision through the medium of food and his venues.


His gift to us is that every dish is an adventure, deliberately taking us away and bringing us back for more.



"It’s one of the best Thai places in Manhattan."

New York Times


"This mini-chain of affordable Thai restaurants has developed a cult following."


"If you’re all about food quality, this is the place to get lunch."

CBS New York


"The burgers are seriously tasty, and even the empanadas are worth trying."

Burger Weekly


"This was one of the best tasting burgers we’ve had in a long time."

New York Street Food


"The Bangkok-born chef rose to fame in New York when his Thai bistro Rhong Tiam received a Michelin star in 2010."

Time Out 



Rhong Tiam means an “inn”, the traditional center of hospitality. In the ancient Asian Language, an “inn” would combine a space for rest and relaxation with the most authentic and noteworthy food of the province in which it was located. We remain true to that spirit and our roots by offering the most authentic Thai Food.

The key to Rhong Tiam’s mission of serving the best quality of healthy, organic and gluten free Thai food is in our name.




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Table 38, a chef's table was opened in may 2018 by Chef Andy Yang with the goal to show the possibilities of Thai street food - “using today’s knowledge to tell yesterday’ story”.  

Chef Andy’s belief is that by revisiting traditional dishes with a modern perspective and techniques we can display the rich, complex flavors as well as history of Thailand and its cuisine.  Telling the story lost in translation.


This is Chef Yang most personal and curated masterpiece where he invites you to his kitchen to share a very intimate evening.


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Chef Yang deftly balances the spice, sweet, salty and tart elements of Thai cuisine to offer an experience completely unique, while always remaining loyal to traditions.

Pad Thai fai ta lu is grounded in the same traditions and comes from the mind of the same visionary chef but brings a street attitude to the table. Its humble roots do not stop Pad Thai from rising to unimaginable heights, but it never loses its street cred.


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